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“LIVIN SMALL” is the name of my site & also my chosen lifestyle.

I’m pushing 75, and I share my hermit-style life in the mountains with a wonderful man of great humor and kind disposition, as well as 2 cats of dubious lineage, who, although they are often times discourteous, mean the world to us.

My past occupations included (among many others) art & professional photography and I continue those pursuits today in blessed retirement.

I have grown vegetables and flowers for all of my adult life.  I have had lots of failures and lots of triumphs.  I’d like to share mostly the triumphs in vegetable gardening with you in this blog and will certainly try to inform you of what I did to get there, by text, video and photographs. My most recent adventure took me to Hydroponic Land.  It’s been so successful, I hope you will learn some tips here and try it yourself, but if it’s not for you- take a look at the Vegetable Gardening in containers with SOIL post category.

While my partner has a room filled to the brim with his ‘O’ gauge railroad layout, I myself am currently obsessed with railroading in the ‘virtual’ (fantasy) world, using the TS2010 TRAINZ computer simulation from Auran / N3V.   I hope you enjoy the small movies here and on my you tube channel of both of our layouts-virtual and real and both set to some nice music.

I don’t belong to Facebook etc., (though I might check out Twitter at some point), so please don’t invite me to join or friend request me.

Please just enjoy my blog, comment anytime and ask any questions you have on any of my posts that have caught your eye (or taught you something).

WVA Moviemaker (Rebecca)