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A VIRTUAL Summer Road Trip, Mar 2016

A VIRTUAL Summer Road Trip w/ the car top down and the music on.
Ride through a virtual world… around the lake and through the countryside and small towns, while listening to some great summertime travel tunes.
Made using a layout I created from the flat, empty baseboard up, in the simulation game TRAINZ 2010.

If your video player doesn’t start in High DEF, then after starting the movie, pause it & go to the sun shaped symbol at lower right (in movie viewing window), choose 1920 HD or 720 HD. When a red ‘HD’ appears in a box over the sun symbol, the setting is now in high def, so un-pause & play.


What I Learned- Outdoor Kratky Hydroponic Grow- 2014

See also the post in my “Vegetable Gardening Hydroponic, Videos, Photos and Posts” category for even more information, about what I learned this 2014 season.     (Click on the “About Me” link at the top of this page.   It will take you to my home page.   All my post categories are listed at the bottom of the ‘About Me/Home’ page).

UPDATE Aug 17, Hydroponic Outdoor Grow VIDEO- 5 gal buckets w/ eggplants

This is an update video of my hydro grow on the deck, ( non-circulating hydroponic Kratky method ), to show the SUCCESSFUL progress of the hydro 5 gallon buckets holding 2 eggplants, a pepper and a large red pak-choi.

I also show how the hydro bucket was put together and give my measurements and mixing instructions of fertilizer, in the nutrient solution in the buckets, as I replace some.

Lastly, a quick visual update of the lettuce and baby pak-choi in the totes- by the time you read this, most will have been harvested.

July 27, First 2014 HYDROPONIC Outdoor Grow VIDEO

Here is my newest garden adventure- using the Hydroponic Kratky growing method in bins & buckets. The seedlings came out from under the lights when they were 8 weeks old (too old) after having been seeded May 17.

They ‘went hydro’ on July 17th.

This movie shows their remarkable progress 10 days later by July 27th.

VERY SUCCESSFUL. Growing lettuce, pak choi, eggplant & peppers outside on the deck (but undercover) in net pots in bins and 5 gal buckets, using the Kratky non circulating hydroponic method.
10 gallon bins/totes are in homemade PVC pipe cages with homesewn netting covers.
Five gallon buckets are growing eggplant, pak choi and peppers with small tomato cages and home-sewn net covers, using the same hydroponic method.
Nutrient solution for all is Master Blend + Calcium Nitrate + Epsom Salts (tomato formula).

A post with more information on the method and supplies used, is with my Vegetable Gardening- Hydroponics page-  listed in the Post Categories choices at the bottom of my HOME/ ABOUT ME page…

My BFF Mary’s WV Flower Garden MOVIE

My BFF is Mary.  We’ve been friends for 40 years now.  Since the late 1970’s, she and her partner James have shared land with us, when they can make the trip, here in West Virginia.  They built their own little cabin on their side of the land just after I built my round cabin in 1974.  Mary and James are both excellent Landscapers.   Mary has always had the innate ability to create the most beautiful planned, (yet looking so natural), flower gardens.

This movie is an homage to Mary’s  ‘art in the dirt’  here in West Virginia, and how much it has meant to me personally…. to be lucky enough to have her in my life.   Enjoy!

First set the movie window to view full screen (square frame symbol, at bottom right of viewing window).  THEN hit the arrow in the viewing screen to start the movie.  Then quickly (or pause the video) make sure to set the viewing size to AT LEAST 720 HD (the sun shaped symbol bottom right corner of the viewing window), or even 1080 HD, for the best and sharpest view!

Our HOME IN West Virginia, MOVIE

Here’s a small film (less than 5 min), about sharing my 40 years in West Virginia with a best friend and my patient, kind, ‘can’t live without him’ partner, building our homes and lives from the ground up.
The soundtrack is from a Hawaiian artist named IZ-  it’s his island version of “Country Roads”.    ENJOY!

Harley Go Pro Country Road Ride- Summer 2013 MOVIE

This Summer Ride 2013, is shot with a handlebar mount gopro camera…. from our house, down our long dirt driveway and out onto our country dirt then paved road for a few miles, then back home.  My better half did the riding and shooting and I did the editing and adding the music-   music fit for a summer ride on our country roads.

Go to full screen, pause, set to highest HighDef 1080p (sun symbol, lower right of screen), wait 15-25 sec to buffer, then unpause-  (It’ll be ready and go from fuzzy to clear, when a red box with HD appears over the sun symbol).  Enjoy!