July 27, First 2014 HYDROPONIC Outdoor Grow VIDEO

Here is my newest garden adventure- using the Hydroponic Kratky growing method in bins & buckets. The seedlings came out from under the lights when they were 8 weeks old (too old) after having been seeded May 17.

They ‘went hydro’ on July 17th.

This movie shows their remarkable progress 10 days later by July 27th.

VERY SUCCESSFUL. Growing lettuce, pak choi, eggplant & peppers outside on the deck (but undercover) in net pots in bins and 5 gal buckets, using the Kratky non circulating hydroponic method.
10 gallon bins/totes are in homemade PVC pipe cages with homesewn netting covers.
Five gallon buckets are growing eggplant, pak choi and peppers with small tomato cages and home-sewn net covers, using the same hydroponic method.
Nutrient solution for all is Master Blend + Calcium Nitrate + Epsom Salts (tomato formula).

A post with more information on the method and supplies used, is with my Vegetable Gardening- Hydroponics page-  listed in the Post Categories choices at the bottom of my HOME/ ABOUT ME page…


1 thought on “July 27, First 2014 HYDROPONIC Outdoor Grow VIDEO

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