My BFF Mary’s WV Flower Garden MOVIE

My BFF is Mary.  We’ve been friends for 40 years now.  Since the late 1970’s, she and her partner James have shared land with us, when they can make the trip, here in West Virginia.  They built their own little cabin on their side of the land just after I built my round cabin in 1974.  Mary and James are both excellent Landscapers.   Mary has always had the innate ability to create the most beautiful planned, (yet looking so natural), flower gardens.

This movie is an homage to Mary’s  ‘art in the dirt’  here in West Virginia, and how much it has meant to me personally…. to be lucky enough to have her in my life.   Enjoy!

First set the movie window to view full screen (square frame symbol, at bottom right of viewing window).  THEN hit the arrow in the viewing screen to start the movie.  Then quickly (or pause the video) make sure to set the viewing size to AT LEAST 720 HD (the sun shaped symbol bottom right corner of the viewing window), or even 1080 HD, for the best and sharpest view!


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