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Like the small movie I posted here and on You Tube, (Trainz Road Trip on a Virtual Summer Day) these screenshots came from the layout I created in the virtual (fantasy) world of a railroad simulation by Auran / N3V.   I started with a bare grid baseboard and put everything you see on it.   It’s similar designing a video game… from nothing  to something, after hundreds of hours of computer work.  (Multitudes of other folks make the actual ‘assets’ that I put into my layout).

For those not familiar with ‘screenshots’ they are simply the still photographs taken as a game or simulation or movie is in progress, in this case as I ‘drive’ around my virtual layout in a car or run my trains through it and shoot a photo as I ‘stand by the tracks’.

Blue Comet coming around the bend

trainz 2014-03-13 19-15-09-11

trainz 2014-03-13 19-11-47-11

trainz 2014-03-13 19-21-08-88

trainz 2014-03-13 19-22-26-14

trainz 2014-03-13 19-15-22-06

trainz 2014-03-13 19-15-37-06

Blue Comet steaming through the farmland

Screenshot (22)

Screenshot (49)

Road to to the island town

Main boat dock by the lake RR Station

Lake swimmers

wmplayer 2014-01-27 10-09-05-40

wmplayer 2014-01-27 10-07-52-47

Screenshot (29)

Screenshot (81)

Screenshot (35)

Screenshot (70)

Duchess on the bridge, steaming over the highway

Screenshot (68)

wmplayer 2014-01-27 11-01-56-00

wmplayer 2014-01-27 13-07-05-26

trainz 2014-03-13 19-12-36-94

trainz 2014-03-13 19-20-51-81