ALL of my SMALL MOVIES and VIDEOS ~ on one page (watch here, or on You Tube from here)

My Small Movies are a real mixed bag- all have music soundtracks (except the gardening VIDEOS which have narration).

My Small Movie list  includes everything from:  container vegetable gardening in hydroponics and soil;  a road trip by virtual car through my virtual fantasy layout in a railroad simulation known as TRAINZ;  a quick dizzy Go Pro ride on our real life O Gauge railroad layout;  my partner’s summer GoPro ride on his Harley Davidson motorcycle;  our flower gardening neighbor’s cabin and garden and a view of our own slice of West Virginia country/cabin living with animals and memories of building it all up to where we are now (not in that order below).

Although you can watch them here in the blog, I think most of the small movies are better seen on my You Tube channel- just remember to see them all in the highest definition possible or they will be far too fuzzy to see. (This means open the film, pause it, look at the lower right corner of the video screen for a sun shaped symbol.  Click on it and choose a HD setting of 720p or 1080p.  Wait about 20 seconds depending on your system, for the video to buffer and catch up to the setting- a red square will show up on the sun symbol with the letters HD in it for high def, when it’s ready to watch. Then unpause and play.

Make sure to read my small movie’s ‘back story’ or description under the movie, if you watch it on You Tube.

My You Tube Channel link to these small movies is-

Or watch them all here ……(titles are at top left of movie box)


And following are my gardening VIDEOS- (which are also in the “Vegetable Gardening ~  Hydroponic- videos, still photos and posts” page of this blog).

The oldest gardening video (Aug 3, 2014) is first and the newest update to it, is last…..


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