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Our HOME IN West Virginia, MOVIE

Here’s a small film (less than 5 min), about sharing my 40 years in West Virginia with a best friend and my patient, kind, ‘can’t live without him’ partner, building our homes and lives from the ground up.
The soundtrack is from a Hawaiian artist named IZ-  it’s his island version of “Country Roads”.    ENJOY!

Harley Go Pro Country Road Ride- Summer 2013 MOVIE

This Summer Ride 2013, is shot with a handlebar mount gopro camera…. from our house, down our long dirt driveway and out onto our country dirt then paved road for a few miles, then back home.  My better half did the riding and shooting and I did the editing and adding the music-   music fit for a summer ride on our country roads.

Go to full screen, pause, set to highest HighDef 1080p (sun symbol, lower right of screen), wait 15-25 sec to buffer, then unpause-  (It’ll be ready and go from fuzzy to clear, when a red box with HD appears over the sun symbol).  Enjoy!